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Testimonies of Conversion

Agnieszka Veduta Historiapo Polsku (Wideo)

Viktor Veduta – Nowadays, I am a disciple of Yahusha, newly born in baptism from water and the Holy Spirit since July 28, 2020. Day by day I serve as a teacher of the Word and an elder of the assembly in the House of Yahuah. I walk in holiness, the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, gifts of grace, and service in the Body of Christ, in the fullness of happiness, grace, power, peace, and wisdom of Yahuah Elohim. –> READ MORE

Natalia Glenc – “Give me Yahuah more service, so that there is no time to sleep, and let me see the spiritual world realistically, every day.” usually this is what part of my personal prayer looks like…. Someone would think that the ceiling has dropped on my head… well, because who in their right mind, of their own free will, would want to have no time to sleep, or to see demons in their forms realistically? –> READ MORE

Agnieszka Kędzior “Then he went out, and saw a tax collector named Levi, who was collecting tolls. And he said unto him, Follow me; (28) and he left all and followed him.” Luke 5:27-28 These very words were spoken to me by my Savior Yahusha Christ through the mouth of my shepherd and prophet shortly after my baptism. It was August 2020, at that time I came to Poland for the days of power and glory, where people came for release, healing, baptism and the filling of the Holy Spirit. Arriving then in Poland from the UK in my wildest dreams I did not expect what the Father had planned for me.  While still in England, after the Holy Spirit had already begun to work on me in a powerful way, I prayed very earnestly for 3 things I really wanted: To be baptized by people with the fullness of the Holy Spirit (at that time there was a lockdown all over the world) To have at least 1-2 brothers or sisters in Christ with me For my fiancé to convert or for God to give me the strength to leave him (I recommend reading the separate testimony I wrote on this subject) There was actually one more thing I prayed for, but I didn’t really expect this prayer to be answered, and that was to be able to devote my whole life to serving God. I didn’t believe that this could become my reality, because I didn’t consider myself worthy of such an honor. Until then I had been a sinner enslaved by addictions to sex, pornography, masturbation, marijuana, tattoos living so as to fulfill all the whims of my sinful flesh and voluntarily coming under the influence of Satan and demons. Reading the bible, I realized what I really looked like in God’s eyes, and I honestly felt sick when I thought about how I had conducted myself so far, which is why I was so desperate for Yahusha to change my life. For this reason, when I heard the words of prophecy directed to me that Yahuah God Himself was calling me to full-time ministry (as I call it ;-)) I was the happiest woman in the world. By God’s grace, my brother went with me on my return trip to England, where I packed everything that went into my car (I left the rest behind) and together with my brother we returned to Poland. This was a new beginning in my life, which I dedicated to my Lord and Savior Yahusha Christ. Since then I have been walking in the full power of the Holy Spirit, releasing, healing and preaching the full gospel and being part of the body of Christ. All my prayers have been, answered which is amazing and it’s all 4 at once in fact I am baptized in water and in the Spirit I have brothers and sisters around me every day (and that’s more than 1-2) Yahuah gave me the strength to part with my toxic fiancé who abused me. I live to serve my God as a prophet and apostle called and anointed by Him. Yahuah is good, He does not want the death of the sinner, but his salvation. So, if you read, this is not a coincidence, with God there are no coincidences!!! He is the one who chose us, not we him, so if you haven’t yet given your life to Yahusha Christ, do it now, today is the day of salvation, don’t put it off until tomorrow, because tomorrow may not come!!! Contact us if you need water and Holy Spirit baptism or healing and release. Yahusha is about to return to this world or are you ready to stand before a holy and sinless God? “(16) Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and have caused you to go and bear fruit, and your fruit shall stand. And the Father will give you everything you ask of Him in My name.  (16) Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and have caused you to go and bear fruit, and your fruit shall stand. And the Father will give you everything you ask Him for in My name. ” John 15:16 ” (7) Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says: Today, when you hear His voice, ( 8 ) do not desensitize your hearts, as in the Discernment in the day of temptation in the wilderness,” Hebrews 3:7-8.”

Myroslava Tarnawska I was born into a Protestant family (Pentecostal Church). From a young age, I heard about God, His commandments, goodness and love for us. I also heard about Yahusha Christ, our Lord and Savior; how He gave His life for us sinners so that we would not have to die (the second death). I remember a situation from my childhood how I said to God: “If You exist and can hear me now let my mother come into the room right away”. After about a minute, my mother was standing by my bed. After she left, I turned to God with the same question, to which I heard a quiet voice say not to put God to the test. At that moment, I apologized to God for my unbelief and any doubt about His existence and that He listens to my prayers. I was about six years old at the time.

This experience strengthened my faith, but I did not persevere long in obedience to God and His commandments. Sin entered my life, which no one knew about. Only at my release, many years later, did I confess this sin. Sin separated me from God, and unfortunately brought Satan and demons closer to me.

At the age of 16, Yahuah God intervened in my life again, giving me a second chance. A desire arose in my heart to read the Bible, to get to know my Creator Yahuah and Yahusha Christ more, to learn about the lives of the early Christians. I read the Gospels in one breath. I felt a desire in my heart to live a life of purity, freedom from sin, in full devotion and consecration to God. I began to pray more, meditate on the Word of God, my life and way of thinking were also transformed. It was then that for the first time I felt loathing of sin, ANY sin. I did not want to sin, not for the sake of my parents, but for the sake of God. The more I read the Word, the more I wanted the new birth and to live in union with God. I understood what kind of battle a Christian fights every day with Satan and fallen angels, I felt this battle first of all in my own head (mind). Previously, I did not distinguish which thoughts I had from God, which from Satan, and which were mine, then I began to distinguish. Interestingly it was not a long process, but it happened as if in one moment. The Spirit of God admonished me, taught me, transformed me. After a short time, I heard the clear and distinct voice of the Spirit of God about baptism from Water and the Spirit. Then Satan intensified his battle. I felt it… The big mistake was that I did not seek help from believers, I thought I could handle it on my own. Moreover, when Yahuah first told me about going to a particular assembly and getting baptized there-I didn’t obey the voice, I disregarded it, not knowing how bad the consequences were behind this decision. What kept me from baptism was the starch…the fear that my sin would be exposed. I fought the battle against Satan alone, but I was losing …. I was losing primarily because I did not obey God, I did not do what I knew was good, and that in itself is a sin.

Years passed…I got into my dream medical studies, majoring in Dentistry, met a lot of great people and seemingly everything was good, many dream of the kind of life I had then…. Loving parents, faithful friends, strong health, dream studies, promising future…, but in my heart I had anxiety and sadness. I knew that I was not living like the true believers, the first disciples of Yahusha Christ, not only that, at that time I was not even baptized yet. I understood that if I die today, I will not enter the Kingdom of God, because I am not reconciled with God, I am not filled with His Holy Spirit, my sins weigh over me.

2016/2017 was a turning point in my life. I heard God’s clear voice again. I heard that I needed the baptism of Water and the Spirit, I could not resist sin on my own and persevere in Holiness without God’s Spirit, I needed the fellowship of brothers and sisters. During this period God put Agnes Veduta on my path- through His prophet He began to speak to me. I longed for a new life, 100% dedicated to God.

On July 20, 2019, I was set free (delivered), received water baptism, received the Holy Spirit through the imposition of the hands of prophets and apostles. In September of the same year, I gave up my studies to follow in the footsteps of Yahusha Christ’s disciples, to preach the Gospel, to heal, to free the enslaved. After baptism, the spiritual world became more real to me. I saw with my own eyes instant healings in the name of Yahusha Christ, demonic manifestations, I saw how Satan deceives people in various ways just to uproot, tear down, weaken and at the end kill (spiritually/physically). He deceived me as well. In the winter of 2019/2020 there was a schism in our assembly. People who were fresh from baptism, what those who study the Scriptures for years began to undermine the authority, anointing and spirit of the elders of the assembly. At the beginning of my journey of following Yahusha , I had many doubts , a lot of things I did not understand, also my faith was weak. All that began to happen in the winter contributed to the fact that I myself began to doubt everything, even the Word of God. I concluded that the best way out at this point would be for me to leave the assembly, the ministry and be alone with God to pursue the Truth. I left the assembly and joined people who also like me left the Life Renewal Mission. I didn’t have 100% confidence that I was doing the right thing. I followed the majority and stopped fighting. After I left, I prayed to God asking Him to reveal the Truth to me, I wanted to live according to His will for my life. I heard in the Holy Spirit that I alone knew the answer, I knew what to do. And indeed in the spirit I felt the desire to return even if at that moment I didn’t understand everything; now we have partial knowledge anyway, the fullness of knowledge is yet to come (this is for encouragement). In January 2020 I left the assembly, in July 2020 after repentance I returned to the brothers and sisters with the desire to serve together for the honor and glory of God Yahuah and His son Yahusha Christ.

Unfortunately, the greater the glory of God is manifested in a particular assembly, the more Satan takes revenge. He hates unity, tries at all costs to divide, to quarrel brothers and sisters, to bring about disunity. He is the accuser who day and night accuses them before our God. Rev. 12:10.The truth I discovered is that Satan often deceives people, spiritually weak, with humanly good things, but which are not in accordance with God’s will. Democracy, tolerance, ecumenism , love – these are words that Satan manipulates. And not surprisingly in 2 Corinthians we read that Satan takes the form of an angel of light. Satan, demons and unclean spirits most often do not deceive with something obviously evil, but under the guise of good they replace the laws given from Yahuah with traditions, rules, human laws, thus exalting the creation above the Creator. We must not underestimate the enemy! We are to be vigilant! Be vigilant! Your adversary, the devil, like a roaring lion prowls around looking for whom to devour. Let us remember that Satan came to steal, kill and destroy!

Every day God transforms me into Yahusha’s image, corrects, chastises and smacks me so that I bear more abundant fruit. We have specific instructions given to us from our Master to be useful servants for the Kingdom of God. Let us remember that we will be held accountable for everything, both for the good things we have done and for the things we have NOT done but knew to be good and in accordance with God’s will.

Marcin Czarnecki I’ll start my story by saying that I didn’t see any meaning in life and nothing made me happy. I was looking for some kind of escape from the reality around me. I searched and searched and I think through listening to various musical performers I discovered a song about marijuana. I became curious about the plant and I remember that I started reading about it extensively on the Internet. I was about 13-14 years old at the time. Wanting to get it, I decided to ask local “friends” if they could get it for me. One person scammed me by giving me marjoram, but I didn’t give up and kept looking. The other person gave me boosters…. It was just a ride. At the age of 14, I lit a chemical substance. It was May 2013, I was totally lost in life and from then on I struggled with derealization. However, the desire to try real cannabis overcame all the negative states I was going through at the time and the moment finally came. I gained access to cannabis. Although I was still cheated in terms of quantity, it was cannabis. I was fascinated by this condition. It was like I was perceiving the world differently. Everything was slowing down, and I felt like I was in another land. Life was becoming something “magical”, exciting, unusual. And so began my adventure with this plant. In the beginning I smoked rarely, but in technical school I began to take more and more interest in it. Local dealers cheated in terms of quantity, so I decided to look for a “source” on my own. This is how I found access to real marijuana from abroad. My passion for the stimulant was exacerbated by the fact that there are a multitude of species and varieties, each with a different smell, taste and effect. The reality around me began to interest me less and less. Cannabis was slowly occupying my entire life, focus and aspirations of my heart. With my family I had absolutely no relationship, it was just superficial conversation without deep connection and true self-expression. At home, I mostly sat at the computer and didn’t spend much time with my loved ones. Even when we went somewhere together, we didn’t talk to each other much. Meanwhile, on Facebook, Agnes Veduta – the pastor of our assembly – added me as a friend. I had a completely empty profile, zero posts, no profile picture. Agnes was acting on business at the time so it was God’s miracle that she just added my account to her friends. By sheer force of things, I saw her sharing spiritual LIVE on the board. It was 2016, I was living my life, but also watching live broadcasts and recordings of Agnes and her husband about God. So, in the second year of technical school, I gradually began to deepen into marijuana more and more. At first I went out with friends every week on weekends, but over time the frequency of our outings took a turn for the better. Smoking was something great for me. The same reality, but yet marijuana gave something magical in it. Each variety had a different effect. The fascination in me grew. Over time I had access to more and more varieties. Smoking was the only thing that mattered to me. Going out to a beautiful place in the summer, or just a place where we could smoke in peace and talk with friends. We started meeting even more often. I had more and more marijuana. I shared it with my “smoking friends,” of course. Marijuana made the affairs of life totally cease to interest me. All that mattered was getting high with friends. All in all, I suddenly perceived that I was not happy. The year 2017, July – instead of enjoying a trip to Spain with my mother, I was only thinking about when I would return from it and smoke marijuana with friends. At this point in my life, I began to feel mental discomfort as if the initial symptoms of depression, detachment from people, from humanity. It was the summer vacation after the end of 3rd grade. For the start of the school year in the 4th technical school, I did not go because I had paranoia in my head and a strange fear of people. Everything started unexpectedly. The last year at school was total hell for me. I had the feeling that everyone was talking about me, everyone was looking at me and everyone was laughing at me, it felt like everyone was conspiring against me. I hardly spoke to anyone. This condition persisted throughout the school year.

I was living in one big paranoia. On top of that, with the start of the new school year, I started selling marijuana to others. First by myself, and then together with a friend. I even installed an app on my phone, where people from all over the world wrote reviews of various cannabis species. At school, at every break, all I did was read these reviews, looking for the effect of a particular strain, the taste, the smell. I sold, I smoked, that’s how I lived. Soon I started to run away from lessons, well, because why should I stress myself unnecessarily with paranoia in my head? Soon it came to the point where I didn’t go to school on my chosen days. Instead, I drove around smoking. At the end of the school year I didn’t go at all. I remember that day, after one of the midterms, when I left school so “happy” that the (mental) torment was over and it would finally be great…. I thought that I would develop my “business” and live in abundance with plenty of marijuana. In my mind I had sports cars, expensive clothes. After graduation, every day I just waited until I left home to my friends to smoke and disconnect from everyday life. Eventually, very large amounts of marijuana began to pass through our hands. I had a false sense of happiness that I was moving forward in life, meeting new people, new contacts, more marijuana, progression…. I thought I was somebody because I had a lot of green dry. My life was just smoking, selling, being paranoid, fighting for status. At first it seemed like something exciting, and it led me to destruction. Zero sense of any kind. I didn’t even know where I was going myself. I was overwhelmed by total hopelessness. Cannabis didn’t give me happiness, but it totally crushed me. I lived like this for a while, until I cried out to God for help, because I had had enough – “God please change my life”. A month after that prayer, my life was totally changed by a certain situation that happened in it – I was stopped by the police. I remember that moment when I was handcuffed and felt hope that finally something was happening, something was changing…. After leaving the detention center, I stopped dealing, I stopped smoking, I cut off contact with all my friends. I started my life from scratch. As I mentioned earlier, I had Agnieszka in my Facebook friends, and she was active in various online businesses. Watching her, I decided to join the Network Marketing business. Thus, I met biblical believers in it. After a while, I asked them to add me to a messenger group, where God’s Word was shared and spiritually supported together. This is how I started attending online meetings, where prayers were held and there was regular Bible study. Soon I felt the need in my heart to consciously receive biblical baptism (immersion in water). Finally – on January 11, 2019 I was baptized!

Since then, a lot has changed in my life. God freed me from marijuana and many other addictions, including pornography and obsessive sexual desires. After my conversion, I still struggled for some time with negative thoughts and emotions, trepidation, and lapses, but God prevailed in this. This was due to my disobedience to God’s Word, so I had to go through a process of transformation. Praise be to our Creator! Now I am happy and completely free in HIM. I have peace in my heart, life has meaning. Cannabis gave “happiness” and “peace of mind” for 3 hours, and God provides this every day! I have noticed that the devil gives a substitute for peace, sort of a counterfeit of the one that comes from God, but also gives a life filled with evil. In contrast, our heavenly Father fills us with the fullness of His peace and blesses our lives! Yahusha Christ snatched me from total misery and hopelessness. Now I feel God’s peace, hope and joy in my life. There is no room for depression. One wants to live! I wrote above that in the process of my transformation, I was also freed from pornography and masturbation.

After my conversion, when I was freed from demons, the desire to watch pornography disappeared. I still struggled for a short time with my own sexuality and the desire to masturbate, but thanks to prayer and supplications made to Yahusha, I was completely freed from this quagmire!

In addition – in my new life I discovered in myself the boy that God has truly shaped. The one who wants to carry his girlfriend in his arms. The one who wants to be joyful and surprise her at every turn. The one who wants to pray together and dance in the woods praising the name of the Lord. Yahusha also changed my perception of sex. At first I thought I needed to have a girlfriend because I felt sexual desires inside me. I didn’t want to treat her like a machine to satisfy her needs, of course, but to serve her and be a boyfriend who really loves her. However, I couldn’t imagine life without sex. The most beautiful thing is that Yahusha healed my sexuality completely! Thinking of sex as a need to satisfy one’s lust disappeared from within me. Now I am simply free from that. Sex is ok, but I treat it as a gift from God to build a lasting, intimate relationship in the future with my wife. Currently, all I care about is getting to know a girl and enjoying her. To spend a wonderful time together, to serve God together, to ask how her day went and to be there for her. To take a real interest in her. God is realistically changing lives. He really has a purpose and a plan for me. Before the foundation of the world He has already worked everything out in detail, every detail of His vision for me. This is wonderful! All my life I didn’t love myself, and now I recognize the Creator and His love for me. Yahusha changes and guides me every day. I completely gave up my goals in life. I surrendered to the guidance of the Holy Spirit Let His will be fulfilled in my life. We will not be fully happy in this world, because Satan and demons are in it. Fortunately, Yahusha is our hope. God wants to spend all eternity with us and sent his son so that everyone who believes in him will not die, but have eternal life! Now I am alive and thinking about the new earth that awaits anyone who trusted in Yahusha. Life without crying, evil. Joy and peace NON STOP! A substitute for what awaits us we can already experience here on earth, because the Kingdom of God is not food, but righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. It’s amazing that I used to be afraid to be among people and even shopping at the store was a challenge for me. Plunged into sadness and fear, I saw no meaning in life. And now I just feel free and am filled with God’s supernatural peace! The old life has passed away and everything has become new. I live for Christ and it is HE who leads me. This life is not dangerous, but it is full of uncertainty, because I do not know my Savior’s plan for me fully – I listen to His voice and in trust I follow Him every day. I don’t know where I will live in the future and what I will do. He is the driver and has completely taken over the reins of my life! God wants every person to be saved and spend eternity with Him, so He has entrusted us with the ministry of reconciliation. As Christians, we have been given a purpose by the Creator – the salvation of human souls! At the beginning of my conversion I tried to live righteously, but I lived for myself. I planned and had my ideas about my life with God, but I did not ask Him in my prayers: What is Your will for my life? – I didn’t give the helm to Him, I didn’t let myself be led. I was striving for what was mine, and not for what was Yahusha Christ’s. And this was a very serious mistake. Because of this, I couldn’t fully develop spiritually, and I had difficulty letting God’s Word truly become a part of me. However, God, in His immense mercy, led me through various life experiences that helped me make the decision that I surrender my life completely to Him. Previously, I belonged to a community and regularly held online meetings where we prayed or studied the Bible, but I could describe myself then as a listener and observer rather than an activist and servant. When Yahusha began to lead me fully, my life changed beyond recognition. I now live in a mission house with brothers and sisters, and every day we serve God, pray together and preach the gospel. I can finally see my spiritual growth and feel that I am truly doing the Father’s will! First you must surrender yourself to the Lord, and then the Lord himself will take care of your spiritual development and growth in the Kingdom of God. I wish each of you to invite Yahusha into your life. Even if you don’t fully believe in His existence, but have a desire in your heart to know Him, then cry out, “Yahusha, if You exist, I would like to know You.” I assure you that if you say these words in sincerity and simplicity of heart, He will come to you and you will be convinced that it is He who speaks and is present in your life. If you want to experience a real life full of joy, God’s favor and peace, then don’t wait just contact someone from our assembly!

Irena Wiencek– I thank Yahuah God that I can bear witness to my conversion. I have been a member of The House of Yahuah since the beginning of Spring 2022.

I gladly accept and put into practice every divine new revelation that Pastor Agnes and the Elders of the assembly proclaim.

I have learned when and how to celebrate the Sabbath, the New Moon and the Holy Days established by Yahuah God according to God’s calendar. My membership in this assembly consists of daily zoom meetings, as well as daily LIVE, Gospel preaching, Bible study. Constant communication with Yahuah in prayers and songs. At the beginning of my membership in the House of Yahuah, I was healed of illnesses (hip joints, neurological problems related to boleriosis) that hindered my normal life. Yahuah God healed me through the prayers of the Shepherd and Elders of the church in the name of Yahusha Christ Since then I have not used any medicine and I thank Father Yahuah that I am healthy. HalleluYah.

I come from a Catholic family but for many years I have been searching for the true God, I have been in various communities, most recently in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, there I was also baptized with baptism by immersion and for a long time I thought I had come to God’s Church. When I realized that the SDA Church professes faith in the trinity, I realized that there is no God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob there. After careful reassurance, I resigned from membership in this church. I searched for a long time for true fellowship. Now I desire to work out my salvation with the fear of God. Now I have a true family from the blood of the Lamb of Yahusha, with whom we form a community by living and serving our Master together on a daily basis. I am at the age of 73 and am waiting with the congregation for Yahusha to return for us. HalleluYah!”

Klaudia Błażejak – I won! My Testimony of Conversion…

As a child I was brought up in the Catholic Church, I willingly attended Mass, because I believed that there is a real God.

That’s what I think now, that man has it written on his heart and in his mind that there is a Creator, and somewhere always in the subconscious seeks Him. Only problem is that there are so many communities and religions and now the question is where to look for Him, how to find Him?

Matthew 7:7: “Ask, and they will give to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and they will open to you.”

I also decided to seek Him.

Since I was a child, I had been very much enslaved by demons and unclean spirits. Associated with the masses I attended at the Catholic Church, pornography, masturbation, lies, hatred anger, pride, disobedience to parents, alcoholism and premarital sex. There were also times when, as a teenager, I had several boyfriends during one disco. Partner after partner, bondage after bondage, sin after sin.

Eventually I started crying out to God because I wanted help, and in 2012 I heard that God loved me. But the question arose, is this true? Today I know that God LOVES, but hates sin, and at that time I had a lot of them on my conscience. I started going to a Protestant church, but there no one was interested in me, I read the Bible, but I didn’t live it, and I continued to persist in sins.

Then in the following years I met people who told me a different gospel than the one I knew before-the gospel of the cross, repentance and conversion. Unfortunately, I did not know how to appreciate this and continued to wade into sins, this time even worse than the previous ones, because I fell into a lot of jealousy, pride and judged other people.

Because of this, I was greatly tormented by demons, to the point that I was depressed, anxious and even had suicidal thoughts.

In the summer of 2019, the demons came to me with redoubled force, after a superficial conversion, and I began to have thoughts of murder, killing people, babies in women’s bellies…. I was suffocated by demons so that I couldn’t even breathe, they came to me every night and I had nightmares. It was a terrible, indescribable experience, when for days I cried out to God to save me, because I knew they would kill me.

Finally, in the summer of 2022, I met the true God, Yahuah, in The House of Yahuah.

I came across this assembly on the Internet and watched the testimony of conversion in the power of the Holy Spirit by Natalia Glenc, who is now my spiritual mother. I started watching the assembly’s lives, which included a lot about healings, casting out demons, unclean spirits, pharmacology, pure teachings from the Bible, and I was so inspired that I felt a desire to also be free from demons and Satan and get to know Yahuah God. I also read a little about this community on the Internet, and Yahuah God inspired my heart to send them a donation, so I did, and then I received the first message from Pastor Agnes Veduta and assembly Elder Natalia Glenc-this is how my journey with God began. At the House of Yahuah I learned that behind every sin there are demons or unclean spirits, about the fact that this is why Yahuah’s God commands man not to sin, because in doing so he worships demons and unclean spirits, that the spiritual world is more real than what we see, that the earth is not round at all, that there were dinosaurs on earth! And there is biblical evidence for all this! This is amazing, Yahuah’s God is Amazing

I was baptized on 19.11.2022 and that was my death to Christ once and for all and resurrection. My way to One side for eternal life together with Heavenly Father.

I bear witness about Him that Yahuah God lives and saves, frees through His Son Yahusha the Messiah in the power of the Holy Spirit.

He saved me, gave me eternal life and now not I live, but Christ lives in me

I wanted to add that God will not be mocked and when He gives through His servants a call to a person, He Himself calls, so I advise you to respond, and to avoid what I experienced through my disobedience to Yahuah’s voice. Amen! HalleluYah!