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Viktor Veduta

Assembly Elder & Teacher

I. Service and Power Today

My name is Viktor Veduta, and this is the testimony of Yahusha Christ in my life.

“And you shall bear witness, because you have been with me from the beginning.”
[John 15:27].

Nowadays, I am a disciple of Yahusha, newly born in baptism from water and the Holy Spirit since July 28, 2020. Day by day I serve as a teacher of the Word and an elder of the assembly in the House of Yahuah. I walk in holiness, the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, gifts of grace, and service in the Body of Christ, in the fullness of happiness, grace, power, peace, and wisdom of Yahuah Elohim. My entire continued life is and will be dedicated to working in the Kingdom of Elohim, as Yahusha commands. Elohim equipped me with the gifts of the Holy Spirit after my baptism and used me to teach His Word, principles, and the kingdom in the wisdom of Elohim, and He also gave me the gift of healing sickness and ailments for His glory! In Elohim’s service, we are given the power to cast out demons and to rule over them, to free all those enslaved or possessed by demons, and I was no exception to this, and I also serve in freeing people from demons and unclean spirits, just like the apostles in the New Testament. In the gift of healing in the Holy Spirit, Yahuah Elohim has used my hands and words in healings ranging from migraines and illnesses to chronic body pains and broken bones. This is because Yahusha commanded his disciples that anyone who believes in him and takes the baptism in the Holy Spirit should go to the people and deliver from demons and bondages, heal ANY illness, and preach the Word backed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In my new life, Elohim gives me and us prophetic words in dreams, word, spirit, and visions, which He confirms supernaturally and always gives their fulfillment and answers, because this is the promise in the New Testament. As a converted and newly born person, I walk in the Holy Spirit in holiness and in freedom from sin, addictions, enslavements, or blockages or bad habits and thoughts, and this is only possible for a person through the renewal of body and mind in the Holy Spirit at baptism, and the Elohim who sanctifies gives me hatred for sins, and enables me to walk in His purity and peace, every day. The life I live is the life presented by the Acts of the Apostles and the NT Epistles. It is a life that, through the power of Elohim, makes it possible for me to live in holiness, in Elohim’s supernatural power, and in happiness, freedom and peace, in the body of Christ with brothers and sisters in Yahusha, in every way!

II. Old Life and the Enslavements of the Past

I loved Elohim and Yahusha with all my heart; why?

“Her sins, which were many, are forgiven, because she loved much; and to whom little is forgiven, he loves little.”

I can say with complete sincerity that many sins were forgiven to me by Yahusha when I gave my life to Him. Despite the fact that I was born and raised in a Christian family, over the course of time as my consciousness and personal freedom in me as a child, as early as the age of about 9, I began to walk towards sin and become like most of the world in many ways. In my early teenage years, I was already going against the Bible every day, and although my family life was ostensibly Christian and biblical, my personal life was the complete opposite. I was soon very much drawn into games, movies, TV series, and anime, which were filled with all sorts of sins, as in magic, violence and killing, occult and secular views and life, as well as erotic/pornish themes, along with cursing and terrible example. That is, everything that the world and entertainment feeds us these days, which is completely against the Bible. I became so addicted to it that every day, usually all of my free time, of which I had a lot, was spent on just that. And as much time as I put into it, and as many sins that arose in me as a result of it, as well as the enormity of the shaped thinking, behavior, desires and wants, views of the world, and disposition towards Elohim, not even to mention the lost years from my life; it was a major part of my daily life. Along with this, came music to me, as well as books, most of which had even more demonic authors, and equally sinful subject matter as the previously mentioned movies, TV series and games. For example, my favorite performer was Eminem, who, like most of the most famous authors of music as well as books, officially declared himself to have “sold his soul to the devil,” and dabble in the occult and new-age like the creators of most best-sellers, like J.K Rowling. On top of all this filling most of the hours of each of my days, I also, and very much so, got into bondage to pornography of all kinds and varieties, which also, like the rest of my daily sins, held me down with great force and depraved my mind in more ways than are worth talking about. In other areas, Satan also had room to run wild with me. I became very anti-social and hated interacting with others, or at least with people I wasn’t used to. I had great stress and fear of socializing and of going out and talking to others, except on the Internet, which only created more of a monopoly on sin for me, because on the Internet I already had everything else that counted as sin anyway. Lying became my daily habit, and it came to me with great ease and credibility, online and offline, so that I was even able to lie out of the box in some situations without any problem, which only further looped me into lying in many areas. So I led a double life; a Christian, a good son with great grades, as well as a personal daily life filled to the brim with sin and debauchery.

III. Transformation to Baptism/New Birth and Conversion

Since the end of 2019, my family and I have moved to Europe from America for missionary activity, service, and a focus on the work of the assembly. At that time, my siblings had already been baptized, but I hadn’t even thought about it yet. Although I did attend some online/offline meetings related to the assembly and the mission, but I never actively participated or really listened to what was being said. So ostensibly I was a member of the activity, but in truth, I didn’t really care about it, and whenever I could, I lived my life. During this ministry in Europe and then for a longer time in Poland, I had close contact with sisters and brothers in Christ who were members or even at the head of the assembly, and I saw quite a few miracles and supernatural events happening such as healings, prayers in tongues, prophecies, and deliverances from demons. I avoided all this as much as I could, and didn’t think about it at all when I was alone, for the reason that my life and pastimes were one big escape from these topics and ponderings, and most importantly, decisions. So my spiritual life was dead, because by myself I hardly prayed or read the Bible and thought about these things. Even knowing that we are rather living in the end times and that in order to be saved I have to live differently, I was stuck in the belief that all this is not for me, that I neither want nor can do it. I thought at the time that “someday maybe I’ll convert as I really want and feel this need, and as I’ve lived a long time and made the most of life, and I wanted to live a “normal” life, within the norms of this world, although not as a “bad” person, but on my own terms, doing what I like, not doing what I don’t like, i.e. living in the world, without Elohim’s guidance. Quite a few brothers and sisters asked me when I would be baptized, because, after all, I am the son of pastors and evangelists and was raised in Christianity from birth, but I kept having the excuse that “well I would rather like to generally, but I’m not ready yet and I would have to prepare myself anyway, because I don’t want it to go to waste.” And in this way I procrastinated something I didn’t really plan to do, knowing, even more so, that pretending to be a Christian after baptism would be doom for me and on the part of Elohim and on the part of the assembly and the family, because it’s not possible without lying and pretending, which would come out in every other anointed of Elohimanyway, in supernatural prophecies the truth would come out and then it would be “off the table.” So I persisted in such a conviction that somehow it would be and that in such an “in-between” period I would manage to survive until I finished school and moved. It wasn’t until I was already living in Poland with my family on a mission, still up to my eyeballs in my life, that these two realities began to merge into one, because there the service became more intense and took more time and participation. Shortly before arriving in Poland, I had already shared my general thoughts with my parents, and specifically the fact that I had an inner problem, that I didn’t really know if I wanted to be saved. On the one hand, the promise of a perfect heaven was something that sounded great, and on the other hand, I didn’t think that abandoning my current life, stopping everything that gave me pleasure (which was also sinful), was worth it. All in all, I was living “in the moment” in all matters, not thinking about the future or the past, but all that mattered to me was the great present. So I was willing to live my life the way I wanted, and if it was going to be at the expense of salvation “someday” then ok, but if somewhere along the way I would convert, that’s great too. It was a big dilemma for me, but it didn’t cause me much of a problem because I didn’t think about it on my own at all, only when someone would make me think about it or talk about it. But that changed one time, and something happened that made me finally make the decision I should have made. Namely, during one of our monthly assembly “reunions,” when once a month all the brothers and sisters gathered together for a few “days of the power and glory of Elohim,” (and still everyone expected me to get baptized at some soon but unspecified time, as I said I would have to prepare) there was a release of a certain sister in Christ from demons, and during the release I was at my room, away from it all, and then the demon in the process of manifesting said something like “and where is Viktor . .?”, and I was called downstairs to all the rest when the release continued, and they told me about it, and I watched it from the sidelines until the end, and it was actually the first time for me to be an eyewitness and ear witness to any release, because I had always avoided it like a fire until then. A day or two later, after a certain other sister in Christ was freed from many demons, at which I was not too, when the Holy Spirit entered her which could be seen and heard, she began to prophesy and suddenly she got specifically revealed by Elohim my worst sins, and I was there at the time. I knew what it was about, and she knew too, although she didn’t describe it to others, she cried and only said that the Spirit showed her my sins, and that I knew what she was about, and it was sudden and it shocked her, because she had never had anything like that before. That’s when I realized that if I continue to play two fronts I won’t get far. The next day, further during those days of the convention, another person was being released, And I was also asked to witness it. When the end of the release slowly approached, and there was the strongest demon at the end, there was no progress and no reaction from that side. Then three people got the word from the Holy Spirit at once that it was sins that were giving these demons access, and the sister who was releasing this person in the main firmly told me that I had to confess my sins, otherwise the demons would not forgive and this person would not be released. I knew this to be true, and considering that someone’s freedom depended on me, and that sooner or later my sins would come to light anyway, after the conviction I also gained from several brothers in Christ, I decided that I would confess all my sins to them as witnesses, and to Elohim at the same time. So I did, although it was incredibly difficult at first, as soon as I started, (and this was in another room), one could hear the progress and shouts of joy from the team that was releasing, meaning it really worked. After I did it, the fact is that I felt better because I helped someone else, and I was able to get some things off my chest myself, too. But then I was put in another dilemma, although I already knew that I should be baptized, otherwise it would be bad for me, but on the other hand I completely didn’t want to get rid of some things in my life. For me, it had to be either 100% or 0%, either living completely for Elohim or completely for myself; I couldn’t give anything in between because it would be hypocritical, and I wouldn’t achieve either the best part of one or the best part of the other life. I was leaning toward changing my life for Elohim, but further I could not imagine how it would be possible, and I did not think I would persevere with my decision.

After struggling with this dilemma in my mind, Elohim gave me another “kick-start” to move forward and a reason why I should make this decision here and now; and this happened when this freed person hesitated whether to be baptized that day or to delay it, and I knew from autopsy that if an outsider delayed, it would be just as well that this baptism and all that it entails would not happen. So, already knowing in my heart that I was choosing to let myself be baptized, but not right away, but after REAL preparation, this time, when I heard the hesitation, I knew that, again, my decision would either have a destructive or salutary effect on that person, so I decided to just trust Elohim and take a step toward Him, and let myself be baptized to try to change my life. Although I had an internal struggle all the way to the lake where we were both going to be baptized, and I needed to dispel my human arguments for why I didn’t want to change my life into this image, I entered the water, was baptized and newborn, right after that there was a prayer in the Holy Spirit with the laying on of hands for the filling of the Holy Spirit, and even then, and even right after emerging, I had such great peace and happiness that it was unmatched by anything else in my entire life. My mind, spirit, soul and body experienced such a transformation, even more so in the first week or two after baptism, that I lost the urge to sin, and easily abandoned everything I could not imagine living without until then. There was a great transformation and freedom in me, with great ease, and all those problems and sins and addictions I mentioned earlier simply disappeared from my life thanks to the new birth. After some time, the Holy Spirit showed in me the gift of wisdom and teaching, as well as the gift of healing and other gifts of the Holy Spirit. All of this, as well as power, and happiness, and peace, and trust, and holiness, and purity, and a change in thinking and “doing,” i.e. what is described in the New Testament, became my life from that day until now, and every day, despite the trials and attacks from Satan, I see in myself spiritual growth and getting closer and closer to what the apostolic history describes; I would not give up what happened to me for anything, and I never regret this decision!

IV. Call to Repentance and Change of Life + Joining the Body + Seeking Healing/Release.

It is for this reason that I strongly urge you to make this decision; come to Elohim, truly and receive freedom from sin and the gift of eternal life! Unfortunately, most churches and denominations do not preach this, but in order to receive salvation, it is not enough to believe that Yahusha has risen from the dead or even to claim that he is your king, but as the bible says, “If you persevere in my word, truly you shall be my disciples.” In order to be Yahusha’s disciple and stand sinless on the day of his coming, you need the Holy Spirit to sanctify and guide members of Yahusha Christ’s assembly, and the Holy Spirit can dwell in you, and even more so in you, just by confessing and REPENTING of sin, REPENTING of your life to Yahusha, and TRUSTING in his words and commandments. If you are reading this testimony now, look at your daily life solely from the perspective of the New Testament and the Life of Yahusha’s Disciples in Acts and the Epistles, and you will see that how Christianity is portrayed by most is falsehood and hypocrisy! Repent of your sins, find a church with the TRUE Holy Spirit and get baptized in the Holy Spirit ASAP! It is written that TODAY is the day of salvation, and remember that Baptism is only the beginning of life with Yahusha; it is very important to abide afterwards in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, as grafted into the body of Christ and into the church of the true followers of Yahusha, abiding in continuous growth in faith, strength, righteousness, and SERVICE among the Brothers and Sisters in the community, living no longer for yourself, but for Elohim, fulfilling the fullness of His word. Be blessed/be blessed in the almighty name of Yahusha Christ, Amen!

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