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Viktor Veduta

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For most of my life until my conversion and baptism (10 – 17 years old) I was very absorbed in movies, TV series, cartoons, anime, and all such things. I wasted most of all my days. I spent almost every spare moment watching “this or that.”

I could wake up in the morning and watch Netflix before school, at school during breaks watch YouTube, after school at home watch anime, during chores I would watch at least Hulu, and at night until 4 a.m. I would watch once this, once that.

All my attention was focused on just these things, most of the day, every day. Normally I spent about 7 hours
per day; sometimes more. 7 x 365 = 2555, so over the course of the year, 106.5 days were consumed just watching all of this.
Almost 30% of the year went into watching movies, TV series, YouTube, anime and the like.

Over the course of 7 years (I’ve been on the rise in this regard since I was about 10), I gave up 745 days, over 2 YEARS, to watching, NON STOP.
These calculations don’t quite yet count the time spent on computer games, only in part.

It can certainly be said that I was addicted to it, and seriously so; but did I realize it at any given moment?

Even if I did, I was able to explain myself that “after all, it’s fun and doesn’t do any harm like other addictions.”
I was sharply wrong, and I realized it many years later.

After YEARS of my life devoted to something that gave me nothing. It had a negative effect on me – it created negative thoughts
and behaviors, it shaped my mind in its own way. As they say, “You are what you eat,” and in my case it was “what you watch.”

Leaving aside all the toxic content contained in what we watch in our day, and how damaging it is to the psyche, considering at least the sheer amount of time we waste feeding ourselves these things is monumental. How many things could I learn in 745 days?

How many new skills would I have in my finger tips? How much better would my spiritual, as well as physical state be if I had spent even 50% of that time I wasted on something that stole my time and in addition shaped my mind and thinking on many levels in a bad way? Oh, how many!

After I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and decided to give my life in obedience to Yahusha Christ, all that I wrote about above just disappeared! Today I no longer have this addiction, and I no longer waste my precious time on anything that doesn’t edify me, and even less on something that would make me worse. Before my baptism, I couldn’t imagine living without it all on a daily basis, but it really happened!

Now I have a new life. Completely different priorities. I am free in truth. I don’t regret or regret this change in any way!
The Creator has freed me from many things, but that’s for another testimony. Amen.

Praise be to Yahuah God!