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Viktor Veduta

Someone recently asked me, why believe in God?
The question is unfortunately inadequate, because the fundamental question should be: Does God exist?
So, does God exist? Because if in fact there is a Creator who is responsible for everything that exists, it would be natural to “believe” in Him, wouldn’t it?
The fact is, for example, that it is a scientific impossibility for the world and life, let alone intelligent life forms, to have formed out of nothing, or out of an explosion of “energy,” (which could not have formed on its own anyway, but that’s an aside). Throughout creation there is order, harmony, impossibly advanced systems ranging from planetary size down to atoms, and all being so thoroughly complex that everything is not only stable, but perfect in its role.
Scientists to this day are unable to prove the THEORY of evolution, or the big bang; giving such improbable probability numbers that it would take more blind faith to believe in the big bang than in the existence of every conspiracy theory at the same time.
Personally, I believe in God YHWH [Yahuah] for many reasons, and not without evidence, but with 100% certainty in His existence, action, power and Word i.e. law.
I had the opportunity to see Divine intervention in action before I even had eyes, that is, my birth itself was absolutely impossible to explain to any degree humanly, medically or scientifically.
Imagine a scene where an entire team of professionals – doctors, nurses, and scientists with medical/specialty training, gather and unanimously with 100% conviction, with arguments and medical precedents, claiming that my birth would not happen, and EVEN IF by some miracle I survived until birth, I would die in a very short time, and as a deformed and non-functioning newborn.
Because that’s what they said, all gathered at the German hospital where Agnes Veduta (my mother), without realizing she was pregnant, underwent a series of tests and procedures with radiation, xray, anesthesia, and VERY chemical/dangerous fluids given to the body as part of 2-3 series of long and extreme tests. Shortly after the tests, the pregnancy test came back positive, and the entire hospital went into a panic, asking her to sign a letter releasing them from consequences and legal liability for the guaranteed and expected catastrophic results of the pregnancy. The documents were signed, and here the psychiatrists/psychologists as well as doctors with very good reputations continue to say in chorus that it is impossible for the baby to be healthy, and to expect nothing good. They all assured and urged that an abortion should be performed, because there is not ANY chance of my healthy survival. Thank God YHWH for the fact that my mother was and is a believer in the Creator God of the Bible, who had already given her the word and conviction that I would be fine, and that a miracle would occur, and according to the prophecy received, that in a year’s time my mother would come to show up with a healthy VIKTOR (or Viktoria)- WINNER. And that’s exactly what happened, because I was born without a single defect in body or mind, without any problems or diseases, without loss with a score of 10/10 on the APGAR (postpartum health) scale. No one could marvel at this enough. It was a miracle, not even a “medical anomaly,” but a veritable supernatural one, a miracle that cannot be explained medically, and that’s what even all those doctors said when I was brought to them a year later and shown a testimony to the truth. The atheist doctors had to admit that it was God who caused the miracle.
This is one story out of MANY that have taken place in my life that prove to me, and those around me, that the God of the Bible exists, and works.
I have stories with miracles of healings, manifestations and deliverances from demons, prophecies being fulfilled, gifts of the Holy Spirit, divine revelations about people and the concealments of people’s hearts and minds, and much more.
YHWH [Yahuah] the God of the Bible is alive and making Himself known, validating His Elect in miracles and signs in the House of Yahuah!