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Pharmacology vs. The Scriptures


The scriptures warn against pharmacology.

What does the dictionary say about pharmacology?

Pharmacology “the science of drugs, their dosage and effect on the body”.

Wikipedia explains in more detail:

Pharmacology (Gr. φάρμακον (phármakon) – medicine, lógos – word, science) – a branch of medicine and pharmacy; the science of the action of drugs, that is, their mechanisms of action on the body and the effects of this action. – Wikipedia

The encyclopedia provides similar information:

“Pharmacology – [Gr. phármakon ‘drug’, lógos ‘word’, ‘science’], in a broad sense the science of the action of all chemical substances on the body; in a strict, medical sense it concerns the mechanism of action of drugs.”

Secular sources inform us that the Greek word pharmakon, from which the word pharmacology is derived, is nothing but a drug. So hooray! Let’s take medicines, because they cure us. But are we sure? 

So why do biblical dictionaries claim that the word means something completely different? Below I give three different words all related to each other, and all appear in the New Testament in a very negative context.

Definition from the Greek-English New Testament Dictionary:

farmakon – enchanted drink, love potion, charm, sorcery, enchantments, charms, chuses.

farmakos – poisoner, sorcerer, magician.

farmakeia – (occupance) poisoner, sorcery, magic.

According to the biblical dictionary a farmakon is: 

an enchanted drink, charm, sorcery, etc. not medicine. Someone is clearly deceiving us here. It is worth asking whether we are being deceived by the encyclopedia or the biblical dictionary? 

It seems that the meaning of words depends, on who is asking and for what purpose. This is a typical example of manipulating the meaning of words to deceive people. The Apostle Peter warned us against this:

“And in greediness with malleable words they will deceive you.”
2 Peter 2:3

The above text from the Bible dictionary discusses three words. 

Farmakon is the medicine itself, or the enchanted specific. 

Farmakos is the man who uses this enchanted medicine, and pharmakeia is the administration of medicine. 

The Strong’s Dictionary informs us that:

farmakeia – using or giving someone medicinal or intoxicating concoctions, also poisoning and sorcery.

If we are to summarize the various encyclopedic and dictionary sources of information, we will come out with this summary:

farmakon – medicine or enchanted drink, love potion, charm, sorcery, enchantments, charms, witchcraft.

farmakos – physician, i.e. poisoner, guzzler, magician.

farmakeia – treatment, that is poisoning, sorcery, magic.

I point out from the outset that we are far from accusing doctors of deliberate poisoning activity. Doctors are implicated here, as those who at the lowest level serve those who are the real deceivers, who deceive both patients and deceive and exploit doctors. 

A system has been created in which the innocent harm the innocent, believing that they are bringing them help. Indeed, in many cases the doctors’ actions are successful, and this explains why people including doctors succumb to deception.

The whole perfidy of deception lies in the fact that a big evil hides behind a small “good”.  At the same time, small successes are trumpeted all over the place, while medical failures are hidden. In the first line of deception are honest people, only that they are also deceived, who are blinded by medical studies, and overworking does not give the opportunity to do independent research and analysis. Day after day, patient after patient, success, defeat, success, success, defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat, family problems, with credit, etc. No one has time to analyze it. Doctors have to rely on the fact that somewhere above them are people who watch over the best ways and pass down already proven treatments. Actually above them are scientists who also act on instructions from above according to their best scientific knowledge, but whatever they come up with they don’t have the power to manage it further, they are just part of a bigger machine and believe that above them are people who mean well and care about the most effective treatments. Only that’s not the case.

If you go to the very top of this medical pyramid you will find that there are businessmen there who are held accountable by shareholders for profits, not cures. The more effectively the medical system heals the less profit it will make next year. Therefore, the top of this pyramid, not only is not interested in effective healing, but on the contrary is interested in making as many people sick as possible for as long as possible. That’s why medicine is perfectly capable of keeping people alive, not curing them of disease.

Let’s return to the topic of dictionary inconsistencies of certain words. Why encyclopedias hide the roots of modern medicine, we can easily guess. It turns out that in the Middle Ages, medicine was no different from quacks, witches, or herbalists. However, organized medicine (by whom, we’ll tell ourselves shortly) won over the competition by accusing it of…witchcraft, sorcery, superstition and poisonous concoctions. To themselves they added the word logos to the word pharmakon and so pharmacology or the science of sorcery was born, but with the emphasis on the science of drugs. Thus pharmacology comes from the Greek word pharmakon.

In the Scriptures their system was condemned and there are places where both it and the medicines associated with it were ranked together with murderers, debauchees and liars! Bible prophecies foretell that this pharmakon-based system will deceive all nations on Earth. For this reason, Bible translators give a different meaning to words than secular encyclopedias. Let’s look at those places where the condemnation of pharmakon appears.

“And the works of the flesh are evident, which are fornication, impurity, lasciviousness, idolatry, pharmacology, enmity, quarrels, jealousy, irritation, teasing, divisions, partialities, envyings, drunkenness, revellings, and the like, which I have discussed as well as explained, that these doers of the kingdom of Elohim shall not inherit.”

Galatians 5:19-21

Verse 19:

Verse 20:

Verse 21:

“And they did not turn away from their murders, nor from their pharmacology, nor from their debauchery, nor from their theft.”

Revelation 9:21

“And the light of the lamp shall not appear in thee any more, and the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall not be heard in thee any more, for thy merchants were the magnates of the earth, for by thy pharmacology were all nations deceived.”

Revelation 18:23

“And to the cowards, and to the unbelievers, and to the doers of abominations, and to the murderers, and to the debauchees, and to the pharisees, and to the idolaters, and to every liar: their partaking in the lake of burning fire and brimstone: this is the second death.”

Revelation 21:8

“Outside are dogs, and pharmacologists, and debauchees, and murderers, and idolaters, and every one that loves and does falsehood.”

Revelation 22:15

Actually, Scripture warns us against medical fraudsters and advises us to stay away from it. It forbids us to take part in this type of activity, warning that people involved in it will suffer deserved punishment.

We today should learn to distinguish between deception and true healing or life-saving – i.e. in the Holy Spirit of the Creator Yahuah. Throughout the Scriptures we see what the will of Yahuah Elohim the Creator is regarding healing and recovery. It is written that Yahuah Elohim is our physician! 

Also it is written that Yahusha the Messiah took upon Himself not only sins, but also sicknesses and weaknesses! To whom did the nation trusting in Elohim go? With every sickness they went to the Priest of YAHUAH, who, with Elohim’s power, healed every illness. Other examples of seeking healing are at the root of the Prophets and Husbands of Elohim in the Old Testament. In the Bible, we do not read about pharmacy or medicine or human cures for believers, because YAHUAH is a doctor! In the New Testament even more so, reading the Gospels and Epistles, the conclusion is very simple and unambiguous – all diseases are cured by the power of the Holy Spirit. The gift of healing is given to everyone who walks in the teachings of Christ, because, as He Himself said, as His disciples, we are to go and heal from every disease, deliver from every curse, and preach the LIVING gospel! There is no place for drugs, no place for therapies, no place for herbs or chemistry; for followers of Christ, the answer was, is, and will be in Yahuah Elohim and in Yahusha his son.

Behind every disease is a demon or unclean spirit!

What do the scriptures say about this subject?

“Saved was everyone who set his eyes on him, not by what he looked at, but because of You, who saves everyone. (8) And by this very thing You convinced our enemies that You are the deliverer from all evil. (9) For those there fell from the bites of locusts and flies, and there was no salvation for their lives, for they deserved such punishment. (10) And Your sons were not smitten by the teeth of venomous serpents, for Your mercy healed them. (11) For they were bitten for the remembrance of Your words, and were quickly healed, lest, having fallen into deep oblivion, they be drawn away from Your mercies. (12) Neither herbs nor poultices healed them, but Your word, O Yahuah, which heals all things. (13) For Thou reignest over life and death; Thou bringest to the gates of the land of death, and bringest out thence. “

Book of Wisdom 10: 7-13

Tobias: Tb 3:17 – The angel Raphael / RAFAEL – the name means “ELohim heals” (see Tb 12:12.15). He appears here as an intermediary between Yahuah and humans. In apocryphal literature, he appears very often as the one who heals people’s illnesses and worries (cf. Book of Enoch, 9:1; 10:4; 22:3, etc.).

Jeremiah 17: (14) Heal me, Yahuah, and I shall recover! Deliver me, and I shall be saved. For You are my glory!

1 Peter 2: (24) He on His shoulders carried our sins to the tree [of the cross], that having died to sins we might live to holiness! It is by His wounds that you have been healed.

Jermiah 33: (6) Behold, I will bind up their wounds, and I will heal them, and I will heal them. And I will open before them
Psalm 41: (3) Yahuah will surround him with protection, keep him alive, and let him experience happiness on earth; He will not hand him over to his enemies. (4) Yahuah will comfort him on his bed of sorrows. In time of sickness He will change all his impotence.

Psalm 147: (1) Alleluia. Praise Yahuah , for it is good to sing, He is our Elohim – to Him is the glory…. (3) He heals those whose heart is troubled, and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 103: (2) Bless, my soul, Yahuah, remember all His benefits. (3) It is He who forgives all your transgressions and heals all your infirmities. (4) It is He who saves your life from death, and crowns you with grace and mercy.

Epistle of James 5: (14) Sick anyone among you? Let him call the presbyters of the Church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of Yahuah! (15) And the prayer [flowing from] faith shall save the afflicted one from weakness, and Yahuah shall relieve him, and if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. (16) Confess therefore one another’s sins, and pray for one another, that you may be healed!

Matthew 10: (1) And having summoned his twelve disciples, he gave them such authority over unclean spirits that they cast them out and healed every disease and every infirmity.

Exodus 15: (26) If you faithfully obey the voice of Yahuah your Elohim, if you do what is right in His sight, if you obey His commandments and keep all His precepts, I will not afflict you with any disease as I afflicted the Egyptians. For I am Yahuah, your physician. 

Matthew 10: (8) Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils. Freely ye have taken, freely give.

Psalm 107: (19) They cried out to Yahuah in their affliction, and He delivered them from their misery. (20) He sent His word and healed them, He saved their lives from perdition. (21) Let them give thanks to Yahuahfor His graciousness, for His wonders to the sons of man.

Proverbs 3: (5) Trust in Yahuah with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. (6) In all your ways confess Him, and He will level your paths. (7) Do not consider yourself wise in your own eyes, have fear of Yahuah and avoid evil. (8) It will be salvation for your flesh , comfort for your bones.

Acts 4: And now, Yahuah look upon their threats, and give Your servants to preach Your word with full boldness, (30) for Your hand will perform healing, and amazing signs will happen in the name of Your holy Servant Yahusha.

Psalm 30: (3) Yahuah my Elohim, I cried out to You and You healed me. (4) Yahuah, You brought me out of Sheol, You restored my life and did not allow me to descend into the grave.

Exodus 23: (25) [If] you serve Yahuah your Elohim, then He will bless your bread and water. Then I will remove diseases from you. (26) There will not be a woman in your country who is a miscarrier or childless. I will also complete the number of the days of your life

Malachi 4:2 (2) But for you who fear my name, the Sun of righteousness will rise with healing on its wings; then you will come forth and grow like calves from the pen.

There are many more verses throughout the Old Testament as well as the New Testament that talk about who we should seek healing from. Our doctor is Yahuah, and our healing is not from medicines, doctors, herbs or the like, but from our Creator, who gave us the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, one of which is the gift of healing ANY illness.
Going to doctors instead of Yahuah is an expression of lack of faith, and that’s why King Asa died; we THEN, having been given healing by Yahusha and the Holy Spirit, are obligated to rely on Yahuah, not man, because: “(5) Thus says Yahuah: – Cursed is the husbandman who puts his trust in man and considers the flesh as his refuge, and turns his heart away from Yahuah. (6) He is like a juniper tree in the wilderness; he will not know happiness, however it comes, he dwells in a scorched [heat] desert, in a barren and barren land. (7) Blessed is the husbandman who puts his trust in Yahuah, whose hope is Yahuah! (8) He is like a tree planted by the waterside, which plants its roots toward the river; it does not fear the scorching weather when it comes, its foliage retains its greenness. Even in the year of drought it knows no care and does not cease to bear fruit. – Jeremiah 17”

Ancient pagan civilizations invented “medicine” and “physicians”; look, for example, at the Code of Hammurabi (The Oldest Directory of Laws, ancient Babylonian times):
§ 221 If a physician heals a citizen’s broken bone or a sore muscle, the injured person shall give the physician 5 shekels of silver [1 shekel is about 10.5 grams].

§ 218 If a physician performed a heavy operation on a citizen with a bronze knife and caused the death of the citizen, or opened the citizen’s eyebrow arch with a bronze knife and deprived the citizen of an eye, the hand shall be cut off.

Ancient Babylon, Egypt, the Canaanite countries, Rome and Greece all had their pagan share in the creation of medical practices, their symbols, beliefs, and all of course deeply connected to their beliefs, which were based on the worship of deities among others responsible for spells, medicines, healing, cures, etc.

The Greeks considered snakes to be sacred and used them in healing rituals in honor of Asclepius, as the venom of snakes was believed to have healing effects, and shedding their skin was seen as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

“The great dragon was struck down – that ancient serpent called the devil or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was cast down to earth, and with him his angels.”

(Revelation 12:9)

“(14) Then Yahuah-Elohim said to the serpent: – Because you have done this, you are cursed among all domestic animals and wild creatures. You shall crawl on your belly and feed on dust all the days of your life. (15) And enmity I put between you and the woman, between your offspring and her offspring. It shall crush your head, and you shall crush its heel.”
(Genesis 3)

“(3) He did what was righteous in the sight of Yahuah, all as David his father did. (4) He abolished the heights, he broke the stele, he cut down the asherah, he destroyed the copper serpent which Moses had made, for until then the children of Israel burned incense to him and called him Nechushtan. (5) He trusted in Yahuah, the Elohim of Israel. Of all the kings of Judah, there was none like him, neither after him nor [of those] who were before him. (6) He abided by Yahuah and did not depart from Him. He obeyed His commandments, which Yahuah gave to Moses.”
(2 Kings 18)

The world-famous symbol of the “Staff of Asklepios”, which represents medicine in all its fields, facilities, logs, medicines, clinics, pharmacies, is a symbol of a Greek pagan deity!

Asclepius (Asklepios) is the god of healing. He is the son of Apollo (god of healing, truth and prophecy) and the nymph Koronis.

Asclepius was taught medicine and healing by the wise centaur Cheiron and became so proficient at it that he managed to raise one of his patients from the dead. Zeus, the king of the gods, felt that the immortality of the gods was threatened and knocked the healer down with a bolt of lightning. At Apollo’s request, Asclepius was placed among the stars as Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer.

In the Iliad, Homer mentions Asclepius only as a skillful physician and the father of two Greek physicians at Troy, Machaon and Podalirius; in later times, however, he was honored as a hero and eventually worshipped as a god. The cult began in Thessaly, but spread to many parts of Greece. Because Asclepius was believed to heal the sick in their sleep, the practice of sleeping in his temples in Epidauros in southern Greece spread. In 293 BC, his cult spread to Rome.

Asclepius was often depicted standing, wearing a long cloak with his chest bare; his usual attribute was a staff with a snake wrapped around it. This staff is, according to some, the only true symbol of medicine.

The staff of Asklepios is the symbol of the World Health Organization and the symbol of the American Medical Association.

Medicine and the medical profession have historically been represented by various combinations of a snake or snakes and a caduceus, each with significant meaning.

The word caduceus comes from a Greek root meaning a herald’s wand or badge of office. Originally the caduceus was an olive branch, but was later replaced by a staff entwined with snakes.

The caduceus is strongly associated with Hermes, the Greek messenger of the gods. Although not closely associated with healing, Hermes is mentioned as the guardian of health. He received a staff from Apollo, who gave it to him as a token of admiration to carry as a symbol of his office. According to Apollo, the staff, with two winged serpents, was supposed to bring peace and overcome illness.

Medical symbolism associated with the staff and serpent descended most vividly from Greek mythology in connection with the healer Aesculapius (Asklepios). Aesculapius’ parents were the mortal woman Coronis and Apollo, the god who possessed all medical knowledge. Apollo passed on his healing abilities to the centaur Chiron and placed Aesculapius under his care.

One day Aesculapius saw a snake crawl out of a crevice in the ground and entwine itself on his staff. Aesculapius killed the snake, but soon after, another snake emerged from the crevice carrying a leaf of herb in its mouth; he placed the leaf on the head of the dead snake, which miraculously revived.

The snake became a constant companion of Aesculapius, and Aesculapius became the patron of the temples of healing that sprang up all over Greece.

A study of ancient medical knowledge reveals that the controversies and contradictions facing modern medicine span the entire history of the profession. The language and mythology of the ancient Greeks reveal their recognition of medicine’s dual role as a mediator of both mortality and healing. Apollo was both the god of medicine and the perpetrator of disease. Pharmakos is the Greek word for both medicine and poison.

The image of the physician in the Western world is derived from the Greek god of health and father of medicine, Asklepios, who is also known by his more familiar Roman name Aesculapius. According to the earliest known writings, dating to around 1500 BC, Aesculapius was the son of Apollo and his mortal mistress Coronis. Apollo killed Coronis in a fit of jealous rage after she was unfaithful to him. When her body was placed on the funeral pyre, he discovered that she was pregnant. He was overwhelmed with remorse. He extracted their unborn child, Aesculapius, from her womb and gave it to the centaur Chiron to raise and train him in the art of healing.

1 Aesculapius became the symbol of the healer in ancient Greek society and later throughout the Roman Empire. For centuries, physicians were referred to as followers of Aesculapius.

2 Hippocrates referred to himself by this name and referred to Aesculapius in the first verse of the Hippocratic Oath.

3 Galen, the most influential physician of the Middle Ages, considered himself a fervent follower of Aesculapius after he was healed in the temple of Aesculapius. He practiced medicine in the ruins of this temple, and was aided in his healing by the appearance of Aesculapius in his dreams.

1,3 The famous Arab physician Avicenna published his medical texts in 1544 with the image of Aesculapius on the frontispiece. Aesculapius’ staff remains an artistic symbol of medicine to this day.

Our Creator has health laws that, if violated, will lead to premature death. Unfortunately, the vast majority of modern medicines have serious side effects, which can and have led to the premature death of many people. The deceptive snake as a symbol of modern medicine is very appropriate. Paganism/Satanism is still woven into many modern medical practices. Much of modern medicine is nothing more than modern witchcraft dressed up in a scientific guise. Multitudes of people today are still controlled by the rod of Asclepius, their once savvy brains dumbed down by the side effects of drugs that supposedly cure them. 

The Hippocratic Oath, in various forms, is still taken by doctors today. “The Hippocratic Oath has remained in Western civilization as an expression of the ideal conduct of a physician.” (American Medical Association, Code of Medical Ethics, 1996 ed.).

What many people don’t realize, however, is that the original Hippocratic Oath began with an invocation to pagan/demonic deities: “I swear by Apollo the Physician and by Asclepios and by Hygeia and Panacea and by all the gods that I will bring about the fulfillment of the following oath.”

In the battle for the soul, Satan has launched an insidious attack through the use of drugs in modern medicine. People today despise the use of laudanum (opium in wine) used hundreds of years ago as medicine, but most modern drugs are even riskier with dangerous side effects that must themselves be treated. This creates a self-perpetuating cycle, creating an increasingly drugged population, addicted to the same drugs that make them sick. 

Autism is a tragic example of the devastation caused by modern immunizations, which “require” even more drugs to control the symptoms associated with autism. Among the generally “immunized” population, autism in the United States occurs once in every 50 people. Among those who have never been vaccinated, however, autism occurs only once in 25,000 cases. 

The Doctors, a TV show that brings together various medical experts, is advertised as “your first choice for getting information on the latest medical breakthroughs, cutting-edge practices and procedures, and the latest information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” In a recent episode, one doctor interviewed admitted that the vast majority of what doctors treat is nothing more than the side effects of other drugs previously taken.

The pharmaceutical drug industry is dirty, but Big Business. Literally billions of dollars are spent each year on both drug sales and the latest “research” to find the latest miracle cure. Yahusha has promised to reveal the whole truth to those who will seek Him. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32

Recent court actions have exposed some of the unethical ways in which so-called “Big Pharma” deceives the multitudes into trusting that the drugs it produces will provide health. The following list is just a few of the methods used by pharmaceutical companies to influence people to use their “medicines.” Pharmaceutical companies have been proven or accused in court of:

  • Routinely bribing doctors with luxury vacations and paid speeches, which are eagerly accepted
  • Fabricating drug safety data and lying to all nations
  • Scamming taxpayers out of billions of dollars
  • Deceiving regulators about the effectiveness of its drugs
  • Relying on its deceptive practices to make billions of dollars by selling potentially dangerous drugs to unsuspecting consumers and medical patients
  • Falsifying test data to fabricate vaccine efficacy rates of 95 percent or higher
  • Adding animal-derived antibodies to blood tests to artificially inflate antibody levels in the immune system
  • Pressuring virologists to participate in their deception and subsequent cover-up
  • Intimidating scientists, threatening them with imprisonment if they do not keep quiet about the true test results of various drugs
  • Entering into agreements with pharmaceutical benefit managers to force vendors to buy more of their drugs

Although the vast majority of pharmaceutical companies are based in First World countries, the dangers of this fraudulent enterprise should be clearly understood by all, as various First World organizations “charitably” offer free vaccines to poorer Third World countries. There is a growing body of evidence indicating that often vaccines, pills and even topical ointments are designed to harm the body in specific ways, even while alleviating other symptoms. Various researchers claim that the AIDS virus that decimated parts of Africa and the homosexual population of San Francisco in the United States was unleashed by hepatitis B vaccines. 

Other evidence suggests that drug sterilization has been introduced into some birth control pills in addition to more openly acknowledged side effects, including heart attack, stroke, embolism, tumors, various cancers and even blood clots in the heart and brain. For example, after reading the package insert of a topical ointment prescribed for a child, one may be shocked to discover that one of the possible “side effects” is chickenpox!

Big Pharma is a multi-billion dollar industry controlled by the powerful “merchants of the land.” The money raised annually for “cancer research” alone goes into the millions of dollars, even though a cure has already been found!  In 1931, Otto H. Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking understanding of cancer cells. Dr. Tulio Simoncini of Italy, using the information discovered by Warburg, as well as his own research, was actively practicing cancer treatment until he was demonized in the press, disbarred by the Italian Medical Order, and eventually served three years in prison, doing the same thing Big Pharma claims to be trying to do – cure cancer.

The pharmaceutical industry’s claims cannot be trusted, as it is purely a money-making business for them. Satan uses sorcery, the magic of modern pharmaceuticals, for one purpose and one purpose only: to poison the body, which in turn clouds the mind and thus weakens the conscience. A pure mind capable of listening to the Holy Spirit is essential in the war against sin. The phrase in Revelation 18:23, “for by your spells all nations have been deceived,” is rendered by The Heritage Bible as “because in your spell-creating medicines, all peoples have been led astray.”

Drugs prescribed by doctors, and even so-called “over-the-counter” drugs that do not require a prescription, have far-reaching effects not only on the body, but also on the mind. Common side effects of many drugs include not only dry mouth and nausea, but fatigue, drowsiness and even short-term memory loss. This leaves a person vulnerable to Satan’s temptations.

Anecdotal evidence states that blood transfusions can sometimes lead to profound changes in personality. Yahuah has declared that blood should be avoided because “the life of the body is in the blood.” Leviticus 17:10-14

All of medicine, pharmacy, and healing is a subject steeped in the occult and demonic symbols, traditions, signs, ways, teachings as well as origins/sources.
Studying all this, one comes to the conclusion that Satan is behind it, and all the pagan religions of the world are related to it and therein lies their source; it has nothing to do with “Christianity!”

Instead of going to Yahuah with diseases, the ancient serpent, Satan, has deceived the whole world into worshipping HIM through medicine, which not only takes the glory away from Yahuah and gives it to man and pagan deities, but takes away Elohim’s role as physician, even for “believers!”

Medicine and healing methods, chemical, natural, energy therapeutic, herbal and even physical, were created and first practiced by nations and people who actively worshipped demons (deities), and, as can be seen in historical records, received from them knowledge and guidance in these areas, making it occult science and practices straight from Satan.

Today, almost every person in the world worships the serpent of medicine, completely rejecting Elohim’s power and the healing He promises in the Bible for those who are faithful and trust in Him.

Let no Christian think that it is “Yahuah’s will” to use practices that originate in deep demon worship, using demonic knowledge and practices, not to mention medicines that have such a poisoning effect on people. This is a sin!
We will not find permission for anything like this in the entire Bible! Open your eyes, for this is pure Satan worship, and with deadly consequences for practitioners; not only now physically, but also at Yahuah’s judgment at the end of the world.

If you believe the Scriptures, look at the lives of the apostles and disciples of Yahusha Messiah… did they use medicine? Did they go to doctors? How did they deal with the illnesses of others as well as their own? What teachings did Christ impart on the subject?
Investigate this yourself, because the answer is very simple. 

Either live as a follower of Christ, or don’t call yourself a “Christian,” because two masters cannot be served!




Servant of the Master Yahusha,
Agnes, shepherd of The House of Yahuah

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