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Yahuah and Yahusha – the Name of Elohim, and the Name of the Son of Elohim.


Isaiah 52 :
(5) And now – what shall I [do] here? – asks Yahuah. Behold, My people have been taken away for nothing, their rulers raise shouts of triumph,” states Yahuah, “and still, every day My Name is insulted.
(6) Therefore My people shall know My Name, that in that day they may be sure that it is I Myself who say, Behold, I am!

Proverbs 30:4: “Who ascended into heaven and returned from there?
Who has captured the wind in his hands? Who has raked the water in his mantle?
Who strengthened all the ends of the earth? What is his name? And the name of his son? Do you know them?”

Jer 23:26-27: (26) Where will it be so in the heart of the prophets, prophesying deceitfully and foretelling the deceptions of their own heart? (27) They aim at this, that by their dreams, which one tells to another, my name will go forgotten among my people, just as their fathers forgot my name for Baal.

John 10:25: “Yahusha answered them: – I have told you, but you do not believe. The works which I do in my Father’s name testify of me.”

Acts 10:43: “To him all the prophets bear witness, that through his name everyone who believes in him will receive forgiveness of sins.”

John 5:43: “I came in my Father’s name, and you do not receive me. If anyone else comes in his own name, him you will receive.”

Jn 17:26: “I have revealed your name to them, and I will yet reveal it, so that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in them.”

Acts 4:10-12: (10) then let it be known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Yahushua Christ the Nazarene, whom you crucified, and whom Elohim raised from the dead, by this very name he stands healthy before you. (11) This one is the stone despised by you builders, who became the cornerstone. (12) And in no other you have salvation, for you have no other name under heaven given to men in which to be saved.

The Scriptures present irrefutable proof of the existence of the name of the Father (YHWH – Yahuah) and the Son (Yahusha/Yahushua).
We can’t write them perfectly, as we’re talking about two different ALPHABETS, but we can tell you what they sound like and try to write them most accurately according to how they sound when read in English, so that they’re as close as possible to the Hebrew form.
The “Yah” part is certain, since it is repeatedly recorded directly in the Old Testament (e.g. Psalm 68:4), both as its own “shortened version” of the name and as part of the whole name.
So where does the “HU” sound come from?
We find it in biblical names that contain the name of Elohim YAH, for example:
YeshaYahu (known in English as Isaiah, which means “Yahuah has saved”)
YirmeYahu (from Jeremiah, which means “Yahuah will arise”)
MattihYahu (in Eng. Matthew, meaning “Yahuah’s gift”).
They are all pronounced “Yahu (Ya-hoo).”
Where is the AH part? The fourth letter of the tetragrammaton, “hey,” is somewhat controversial, but it clearly forms the “ah” sound, e.g. in (English) Judah, Hebrew Yahudah, and it is not Judeh or Yahudeh.

Thus, knowing that it certainly begins with YAH, then in virtually all contexts the next sound of the Creator’s name is HU (hoo), which is after YA(H), and given the sound of the last part, AH, is commonly heard in other words with the same Hebrew letters, it becomes clear that the name of Elohim the Creator is Yahuah!
It’s also worth noting that the Hebrew word YAHUDAH has the entire name YHWH spelled out, except for the letter “D-alet,” but we know how Yahudah (Judah) is pronounced to this day, and we know what it sounds like without the letter D-alet, and it is phonetically Yah-oo-ah (spelled Yahuah).

As for the Name Yahusha, the matter is fairly simple.
The Name “Jеsus” is neither Hebrew nor Aramaic, but Greek. In our Bibles in the NT (which is a translation from Hebrew to Greek, for which there is ample evidence, actually) we read the name “Jеsus” everywhere, even though the Messiah was not Greek, nor did he have a Greek name, but used Hebrew and Aramaic.
1st Argument: Yahusha did not use such a name.

  • Yahusha was a Hebrew and spoke Hebrew and Aramaic among Israel.
  • The manuscripts in the NT were originally written in the aforementioned languages and not in Greek, for they were written by Israelites who believed in the Messiah.
  • False translators deliberately gave new names to erase the Name of Yahuah Elohim, which was included in the original names and from all passages referring to Yahuah Elohim in the Greek translations. By this, all the names of patriarchs, prophets and servants, e.g. apostles, were replaced with words without prophetic meaning and sense (spiritual message.)

If “Jesus” is a Greek name, then what was His real name used by all? The answer is “Yahusha/Yahushua” (both occur). How do we know that this name is correct? We know because it is the same name that “Joshua”, son of Nun in the OT, bore.
(Strong’s concordance, about the name Joshua from Hebrew, there are different similar pronunciation forms of the name adopted depending on the dialect and times).

Looking at the New Testament interlinear Bible, one can see that where the Messiah is mentioned, His name is “Iesous” (Matthew 1:1 The genealogy of Jеsus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham. – Βίβλος γενέσεως Ἰησοῦ (Iesus/Iesous) Χριστοῦ υἱοῦ Δαυὶδ υἱοῦ Ἀβραάμ). But going to, for example, Hebrews 4:8, where Joshua is mentioned, if one looks at the Greek word used to render the name Joshua, the word “Iesous”(2424) is clearly and plainly visible! (Heb 4:8 For if Joshua had led them into rest, he would not have spoken afterwards of another day. – εἰ γὰρ αὐτοὺς Ἰησοῦς (Iesous/Iesus – Ἰησοῦς) κατέπαυσεν, οὐκ ἂν περὶ ἄλλης ἐλάλει μετὰ ταῦτα ἡμέρας).
Another example of the substitution of “Yahusha” (STRONG 3091) for “Jеsus,” only that in the translation itself from Hebrew to English and not from Hebrew to Greek, occurs in the Book of the Wisdom of Sirach, Chapter 50:27: (“The doctrine of wisdom and reason I have written down in this book, I Jеsus, son of Sirach, son of Eleazar, a Jerusalemite, who poured out the wisdom of my heart like abundant rain.” – “מוּסַר שֵׂכֶל וּמוֹשֵׁל אוֹפַנִּים, לְשִׁמְעוֹן בֶּן יֵשׁוּעַ, בֶּן אֶלְעָזָר בֶּן סִירָא. (כז) אֲשֶׁר נִיבַּע בִּפְתוֹר לְבָן, וַאֲשֶׁר הִבִּיעַ בִּתְבוּנוֹת.”)
In the aforementioned Hebrew text, the word יֵשׁוּעַ, is Strong’s 3442, which reads Yashua/Yahusha, that is a variant of the name Yahushua (Str 3091) – it is the same name. We see that even though we have the name Yahusha in the text, the translations read Jеsus. This is another confirmation that “Jеsus” is a wrongly given “translation” of a name that sounds completely different, that is, Yahushua/Yahoshua.

Wanting to translate Joshua’s name from Hebrew into Greek, the SAME GREEK NAME THAT IS USED FOR YAHUSUA was used!
The implication is that Joshua’s Hebrew name is the same name as the Hebrew proper name “Yahusha”; that is, Yahusha/Yahoshua.

Joshua, in Hebrew Yahushua or Yahusha (both variants occur) is Strong’s H3091 in the OT.
What does Yahusha mean? Literally, Yahuah is Salvation. Yahu is the root part of Elohim’s name + “sha “salvation = Yahusha meaning Yahuah [is] Salvation!

“Jеsus” has no meaning in Hebrew or Aramaic. Neither does it sound even remotely similar to his real name, Yahusha/Yahushua, nor does it have this meaning in Greek!
What does Jеsus (Iesous), i.e., the Greek “attempt to render” Yahusha’s name, mean?
It consists of two elements: Ie – sus, which together mean Hail Zeus. Just as Pegasus is the horse “pega” of Zeus “sus” . There are interpretations that show the meaning of the name Jеsus as “Born of Zeus”.

It is written that the Son of Elohim Yahusha the Messiah came in the Name of the Father, and that the Son revealed the NAME of the Father to the people!

Almost that every hero of faith, king and prophet in the Bible had a name that included the Name “Yah”!
The Greek TRANSLATION of the New Testament carefully censors and erases the Name YAHUAH and puts in its place “LORD” (Gr. Kyrios), even though Yahuah Elohim commands to call upon, pray to, and confess His NAME.
In addition, instead of faithfully TRANSLITERING the Hebrew Name of the Messiah, with THIS ESSENTIAL MEANING, into Greek words that would convey the pronunciation and MEANING of the Name of Messiah Yahusha (Yahuah is Salvation), it is replaced with the false, unbiblical, Greek Name “Jеsus” with pagan connotations that do NOT even SOUND SIMILAR!

The name of our Elohim YAHUAH, according to Scripture, is pronounced: Ya-hu-ah.
The name of the Son of Elohim, the Messiah, according to Scripture, is pronounced: Ya-hu-sha (or Ya-hu-shu-a)

Stop using the REPLACEMENTS! Stop ERASING the name of the CREATOR Elohim YAHUAH!
Stop praying in, and calling upon, the FALSE and FAKE NAME OF MESSIAH and THE SAVIOR!

Start SPEAKING in accordance with the Scriptures and the WILL of Elohim.
Start praising and invoking the Name of YAHUAH and not the LORD/GOD/ADONAI! Start praying in the name of and believing in the Name of YAHUSHA and not the LORD/JESUS/SON OF ZEUS!

Remember that it is in the Name of YAHUAH and not the LORD that there is salvation, and that everyone who calls on the Name of YAHUAH and not JESUS will be saved. The time of ignorance and unawareness has passed, the devil’s attempts to attack what is most important are being exposed!
Do not persist in this lie! Seek the TRUTH, for the path to Elohim is a Narrow one, and few find it.


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